Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Final Year Project

Good morning! ;)

It has been a while, I know..

Anyway, I am a final year student already!! Can you believe it? That Fatin is going to be graduated at the end of this year? InshaAllah...

Here's the thing about my FYP. It sucks the life out of me... waaa! I don't know how orang lain can sambung master and PhD after that, I was like nak writing thesis picisan FYP ni pon dah macam apa! They must be strong and very in love with studying, right. Salute! :D

I'm doing a project about Partial Differential Equations. One of its application is to generate surface of an object, or any surface in 3D. And I'm doing that. I will be generating shapes of glassware using PDEs and voila! I know it sounds insane, why the hell did I want to make glassware using mathematical equation?? My answer is being in mathematics in the first place already make you an insane creature. I dah salah pilih bidang ni, hahaha. I'm the crazy one, and it's okay nahhh. Later on I will make a post on how to survive in mathematics field (from a person whom barely alive) Mihmihmih.

So my project requires A LOT OF PROGRAMMING and whatnot.. believe me, one of the hardest thing in mathematics is programming. Programming itself might be okay but you have to combine mathematics in programming... coding plus numbers plus equations plus weird and ridiculous symbols... how would you think it's gonna be; SUPER HARD.

So pray for me, guys. For me to able to complete a thesis out of this project, and can be graduated on time! Ameen...

Till then, :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to look stylish with wedges sneaker?

Holla beautiful! It's a beautiful day, isn't?

Have you ever heard about wedges sneakers? Yahh I know about wedges... but wedges sneaker? Hurm... I wonder.

Oh okay, let's wash away your curiosity and wonder-ness....

Wedges - The ones that you girls obviously know :)

And... this is what we called.. WEDGES SNEAKER! 
CAN YOU SEE THOSE AMAZINGLY FASHIONABLE WEDGES SNEAKERS ^^  (okay.. maybe I'm a lil bit exaggerating.. :D)
Here's the thing, women are known to be a fan of high heels and sneakers are often worn on outdoor activities compare to a fashion statement. However, women have been spotted rocking their look wearing the trendy wedges sneaker. The wedges sneaker design definitely got the attention from the ladies and it definitely is the perfect footwear to replace slip on. 
Switch those sandals and slip on flats for something more edgy for a revamped appearance!
Women who have no idea on how to style wedges sneaker while remaining their femininity can check out these three wedges sneaker lookbook ideas.
  • Casual shorts
Women can transform their casual denim shorts by matching it with a nice pair of wedge sneakers. It is known that women wear shorts when they want to move around comfortably and owning a trendy pair of sneaker wedges is the perfect choice. Choose any kind of design and rock it with confidence.
  • Long jeans
If you want to flaunt your wedge sneakers with jeans, it is recommended to match them with a nice pair of skinny jeans. Tuck the end of your jeans in the wedge sneakers and it will definitely focus attention to your trendy footwear. The wedges sneakers absolutely have that element of sexy boyish appeal you can away with no matter where you go.
  • Chic dresses
If you still want to have a balance edgy yet elegant look wearing wedge sneakers, match the shoes with a cute dress or skirt. Whether it is a pencil cut or flare skirt, the wedge sneakers are great to be worn to a day out in town. The wedges sneakers will be awesome especially if you prefer to feel comfortable all day. The covered yet trendy sneaker will never make you look out of style.

That's it is women! Now you can add to your list of fashion : wedges sneaker! and wear them preferably to any ideas above or any other styles that suit you well.. :)
Be bold, be confident & be gorgeous with wedges sneaker ;)
Happy dolling up, beautiful!