Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's all about Merlin

First to mention, I am a fan of Merlin series and I hope you too. So we can share the same interest. Right?
Okay, actually I start to watch Merlin when it’s already on third season. Means, I don’t watch first and second season. So I don’t really know how my Prince Arthur would fell in love with Guinevere. And I also don’t know that Lady Morgana was a kind girl. So the story is, I’m starting to watch Merlin from the very first one. And I finished the first season. I was surprised, to tell the truth. Lady Morgana really means no harm to others. She was kind, definitely. I’m no longer can hate her for what she have done. I do hate her but not too severe. Haha.
So here, I understand the chronicles how Prince Arthur fell in love with Guinevere. It was acceptable. I admit now Guinevere is worth to be a queen.  how good I am! Haha.
Now, it seems that I can’t wait for the fifth season!!

It's a kind of weird to see them wearing these clothes. hehe.


fitriyyah said...

setakat ni xpenoh g tgok 1 pun ep merlin sapa abih, tu pun xigt brp kali tgok, ade 2x kot x)

Mujie Chan said... like merlin..!hehehe
he's so cute lol.