Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You raise me up

Dulu-dulu punya boyband it's way far much better that we have nowadays. Like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Blues. N-sync, and others.
Yeah. Like our Tan Sri P.Ramlee. We have got no replacement. The one who can sing, act, joke at the same time. Seems like you are really one in a millions.

I miss to write long essays at school. I miss everything at school. I misssss it soooooooo much!

Korang-korang yang tengah bersekolah lagi tu, I know..probably you will say, alah, nanti kan aku, kalau cuti, aku rasa heaven gilaa, takkan rasalah bosan semua ni. Aku bosan dah sekolah. I need holidays. Yes, at first it was. I do enjoy holidays. And still now.
But, it just feels like something is missing.
Maybe, friends and laughter.

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