Monday, April 2, 2012

i want to be your special someone

someday, on a nice weather, with a beautiful dress, with Alhamdulillah job, with a strong faith to Allah..

i would like to hear this. insyaAllah.


today was so tiring, friends. i went to pejabat yayasan to submit the application with determination. but then, i seriously don't have any idea that pihak yayasan want a copy of sijil berhenti sekolah. seriously, i don't. tak state pun kat situ..!! aaa. then, the female officer nicely ask me to come again and submit the application. "everything is right and the only thing missing is the copy. i'm afraid, you have to come again." she smiles. yeah, me smile too. but oh kecewanya hati ini.
naik kereta [nasib baik takde org nak marah] then calling calling my friends. nak mintak tolong hantarlah. huhu. then found a friend!! thanks, Syahirah :)

so, another thing that tired me out is my W keeps eating my credit. i off the data traffic, already. add to that, my umi siap pergi mydin tadi tanya what's wrong dgn baby sorang ni. tapi orang tu cakap, off data traffic tu jela and everything will be fine la. but bila balik rumah, jadi lagi =.=" me don't know la what happen to you, W~

saya sayang kredit kot, W eh. haha. sorry i love you too. you worth more than that. hihi.

i said to my friends, i'm not going to give my love to anybody!! it's time for anybody to give love to me. i'm all to accept ni~ hahaha. okay mengarut. stop.

nunyte, bloggies. don't forget to say Alhamdulillah todayy ;)