Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fatin sekarang..

Assalamualaikum uols! First of all nak mintak maaf for previous post yang macam emo. Bukan macam tapi memang emo. Okay uols, I okay sebenarnya. HAHA.

Fatin sekarang dah tak layan drama Korea tahap fanatik gila nak mati.. layan sikit-sikit gitulah
Fatin sekarang dah ada Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter
Fatin sekarang dah pandai masak tanpa perlu tanya umi "Garam banyak mana ni? Gula? Dah masak belum ni mi?" ^_^
Fatin sekarang dah rajin kemas rumah walaupun bilik sendiri masih bersepah
Fatin sekarang dah pandai bawak kereta even takde lesen lagi tapi InshaAllah akan dapat
Fatin sekarang jahit sembat baju dah pro, laju cam umi... lagi cantik dan kemas
Fatin sekarang dah pandai strraight forward kalau tak suka..
Fatin sekarang dah ada yang punya *muntah warna warni*
Fatin sekarang rileks cool selamber badak tegur budak laki yang satu sekolah dulu
Fatin sekarang dah pandai bergaya sikit ihiks
Fatin sekarang dah lost interest baca novel tebal gemende tu
Fatin sekarang dah pandai upload gambar sendiri kat Facebook
Fatin sekarang dah besar nak ambil degree dah pun
Fatin sekarang is still Fatin dulu..

In whatever way I'd change, I'm still your Fatin Nurashikin since the first time you met me. Maybe this paradigm is for good, and I'll figure it out later but now I'll enjoy who I am right now... Maybe I changed to bad side, or maybe to good side.. like I said just not.. in whatever I'd change, I still have the original piece of me inside, the one that ever gives you first impression when you met me, those first impressions you had towards me please don't ever change it. If you see me keep changing and become completely a different person.. please tell me. I would appreciate it, guys. This is a will from me to you. If anyone ever read this, please do it for me.

I know maybe some of you have different thoughts on me, in way I update my FB statuses, in way I instagram things, maybe you judge me, yeah I don't really care actually.. but the only thing I hope is, whatever judgements you made towards me, please keep it to yourself only... don't spread your judgements and making another story of me. Please, let me be safe and sound here. Afterall guys, I love you. I love my friends, I love my school, I love them all. Let us become a better person, you guyssss!!

"You don't simply judge others, if you don't want people to judge you."
Lots of love,
Fatin Nurashikin, xoxo.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

chicken rice kitchen

Not a very famous chicken rice, but I have been grew up in this taste of chicken rice. Umi's handmade. So, today, ceritanya my mom cook nasi ayam for me which is  very good one. Plate's licking good. Hahaha. And it was made no where in high class kitchen, or luxurious shop, just a simple kitchen completed with her lovely cooking utensils, which already make her happy just by seeing them. So proudly I named it chicken rice kitchen. Lame enough, huh? Haha.

Speaking of cooking utensils, my mom went to Langkawi last week. And oh well you know what Langkawi means to women! It's word heaven. Paradise. If you ever heard of Idaman Suri, Haji Ismail Group.. You will probably one of the son/daughter of fantastic mother!

So ceritanya, my mom bought one magic non-stick pan, one vantage-styled bowl, and a Corelle's dining set. Pergh. Life's good, mummy?

And eventually, and obiviously lah her lucky little daughter ni dapat heaven's chocolate!

Jeles tak?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Bila kamu suka solat lambat, dan malas berdoa, maka kala kamu susah, dan kala kamu berdoa saat kamu susah, memang kamu sendiri akan terasa seperti bantuan Allah itu lambat, atau Allah SWT itu tidak mendengar.

Sedangkan bantuan Allah itu amat pantas, dan Dia adalah Yang Maha Mendengar.

Allah itu amat hampir, tetapi kita sebenarnya yang meminggir

Cc :  Originally copied from Hilal Asyraf official Facebook.