Thursday, February 7, 2013

chicken rice kitchen

Not a very famous chicken rice, but I have been grew up in this taste of chicken rice. Umi's handmade. So, today, ceritanya my mom cook nasi ayam for me which is  very good one. Plate's licking good. Hahaha. And it was made no where in high class kitchen, or luxurious shop, just a simple kitchen completed with her lovely cooking utensils, which already make her happy just by seeing them. So proudly I named it chicken rice kitchen. Lame enough, huh? Haha.

Speaking of cooking utensils, my mom went to Langkawi last week. And oh well you know what Langkawi means to women! It's word heaven. Paradise. If you ever heard of Idaman Suri, Haji Ismail Group.. You will probably one of the son/daughter of fantastic mother!

So ceritanya, my mom bought one magic non-stick pan, one vantage-styled bowl, and a Corelle's dining set. Pergh. Life's good, mummy?

And eventually, and obiviously lah her lucky little daughter ni dapat heaven's chocolate!

Jeles tak?

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