Friday, April 4, 2014


So it's already April now... how time really flies you see. And I'm in my mid semester break for only one week. Phew. Finally got some space to... technically breathe.

So I have no story for my journey balik kampung whatsoever because my university is just near my hometown already. I didn't feel the joy yang sumorang keeps talking bout balik kampung and such la. Tapi apa-apapun I have one happiness that others can't have, the ability to come home whenever I want! Hehehe. Makes sense okay.

Before mid sem ni dah ada few tests, and they are all wow. You've been up studying for the tests, you had study group - yeah efforts. But it just didn't work like we want. The tests were terribly horrible. Belajar ke tak belajar ke sama je tahap blur tu. We were all like, okay fine whateverlah. And the week before mid sem was surely challenging one. With assignments, tests, non-stop classes.. I don't know what were the lecturers thinking... How can in one day 8am - 1pm kelas tak berhenti. Gap 1 hour for solat. 2pm-5pm sambung balik kelas for like 3 hours straight?? Asas Keusahawanan pulak tu.. Really that day was really tiring, dengan laparnya, dengan phone takde baterinya. Haih. Yeah afterall, kiteorang got through the day!!

And it's holiday finally. FINALLY. There will be tests too after this midsem break. Aha. Mungkin kena study la kot cuti ni. Mungkin. Hihihi.

I really don't know nak update apa.. aku rasa aku dah lost the ability nak taip panjang2, cerita kat korang mende yang aku lalui,.. aku pun dah jarang membaca. What's wrong lah with me ni haih.

K, till then. Be safe.

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